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Oregon Mortgage Reviews

Vantage Mortgage Group is a nationally recognized, locally owned independent mortgage broker in Portland, serving Oregon and Washington consumers exclusively.   Vantage is proud to offer very competitive rates from the best banks and non-banks in the country.  Competition, combined with our elite experience and execution, results in the best mortgage experience today.  Contact VMG today and start improving your position.

  • Securing a new mortgage loan is one of the largest financial decisions and debts most consumers face. Vantage understands this and utilizes our experience to position our clients for the most favorable outcome on terms and execution.
  • Vantage provides exclusive client representation from loan application to closing, allowing over 30 investors to compete for their business for the most favorable pricing and execution when it comes to Washington & Oregon mortgage rates and service.
  • Detailed system and communication for a fast and organized mortgage transaction.
  • Our Mortgage Professionals are experienced, local, licensed, and available at all times for questions while working directly with their clients. No “passing off” to processing staff.
  • Secure automation and paperless processing to make document delivery and closing fast and easy.
  • Please review our educational and informational videos for more information. Why settle for less?

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  No Obligation. No SSN.

Learn about the mortgage broker

Contact us today to see why we’ve family mortgagebecome one of the highest-rated mortgage providers and your local price leader for Washington & Oregon mortgage rates.

The Vantage Mortgage Group App is now available for your Apple or Android devices and can be downloaded from itunes or the Google Play store.

The free App has many features including an in-depth Download the appmortgage calculator with amortization schedules and exclusive access to the Vantage pricing engine.   Users can easily request a quick quote or formally apply for a mortgage loan.   Always have access to your initial document checklist.  Convert photos to PDFs and safely & securely upload them to your Sharefile account (created by your loan consultant).  Download the Vantage App today and start improving your position.
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Our main objective is to educate consumers on how residential mortgage financing works in the United States. We do not have sales people, we have mortgage professionals that persistently educate our clients. We embrace only math and facts rather than sales terms and strategies. We rely on indisputable data to attract those that wish to be in a better financial position with their mortgage liability. When it comes to math, combined with our reputation, our position is also indisputable. We are the only channel in the primary mortgage market that works exclusively for our clients. The more educated the consumer, the greater chance they will become a Vantage client when comparing mortgage providers.

  • Lenders Compared in One Pricing Engine

    Investors compete, helping us narrow down the most favorable Oregon Mortgage Rates for our clients.

  • Local Leaders in Experience & Pricing

    We have the experience to get the job done right.

  • Exclusive Client Representation

    Your licensed mortgage professional works for you rather than steering toward hidden corporate margins and credit lines.

  • Highest Customer-Rated

    Our positive feedback motivates our passion to do what is right.

  • Conventional Conforming Loans

    We don’t charge our clients broker origination fees on any loan programs.

  • Government FHA, VA, and USDA Programs

    We provide all figures and rates up-front.

  • First-Time Home Buyer Programs

    Our Loan Experts are always standing by.

  • Jumbo, Portfolio, Investor Loans & More..

    We offer both traditional and non-traditional loan programs.

Should I use a mortgage broker?

Vantage offers a large variety of wholesale lenders for comparison on pricing, execution, and program guideline overlays.  Vantage Mortgage Group’s origination fee is paid directly by the wholesale lender selected, all at the same margin, making comparison relevant and transparent under one pricing engine holding all preferred lender rate sheets.  Vantage believes there is a significant advantage for their clients on pricing and execution when lenders compete for their business.  They make rate and program option selection very clear by comparing several rates against lender rebates (credits) and optional buy-down costs.  Consumers are only able to access the advantages this channel offers through a “true” mortgage brokerage such as Vantage (not those claiming to be both a “banker” and “broker” which can be deceiving as credit lines take away all advantages of being a broker).  Vantage Mortgage Group again supports competition and choice under any channel for consumers, but offers this unique position for their clients that very few still do.  They believe that their position, combined with their elite experience, produces a favorable outcome for clients which has been proven through their reputation and hundreds of testimonials.

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