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About Us

van-tage (n);  A position giving a strategic advantage, commanding perspective, or comprehensive view

fi·du·ci·ar·y;  fiduciary is a person or organization that acts on behalf of another person or persons, putting their clients’ interest ahead of their own, with a duty to preserve good faith and trust. Being a fiduciary thus requires being bound both legally and ethically to act in the other’s best interests.

in·de·pend·ent;  An independent company is not subject to control by others and not affiliated with a larger controlling unit.  Free from outside control and privately owned.  The inability to be manipulated or influenced by special interests, such as a Non-Fiduciary that sells or are captive to one lender or credit lines, which removes transparency and increases costs to the consumer in the primary mortgage market.

com·pe·ti·tion;  An activity done by an independent company representing the consumer as a fiduciary, holding product and service providers accountable and requiring competition.  In all cases of competition, costs are reduced and performance is increased when compared to the alternative captive person or company.

Mission Statement

MISSION  Transform the way consumers get access to mortgages, with transparency and competition

VISION  Educate and be available to serve all mortgage consumers in our service area so lenders authentically compete for their business

ACTION  Deliver lower mortgage costs and a faster origination experience by working for YOU rather than the lenders, using a transparent and systematic approach to making lenders compete for YOUR business

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Improving Your Position

Established in 2007, Vantage Mortgage Group is one of the only independent mortgage firms in the Pacific Northwest today (serving Oregon and Washington consumers).  Locally owned and operated in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Vantage has become a nationally recognized company from the impact made within the industry and unique consumer-focused platform.  As many can imagine, the regulatory environment has greatly changed in the mortgage and housing industry in recent years.  As a result, awareness and adaption on consumer impact must control the vision of a mortgage company now and in the future through collecting data and facts over all else.  Vantage Mortgage Group has embraced these changes with their vision and experience and relies on their clients’ positive feedback and price advantage to produce more referrals.  They align their clients in the best position they see possible which is as a true mortgage broker without steering to one lender or corporate special interests.  Because of this, Vantage persistently educates consumers and colleagues on understanding the indisputable math and data around mortgage operations rather than the hard sales pressure that many consumers and others receive in the primary mortgage marketplace.

Nearly 50% of all homebuyers and those refinancing spend more time shopping for shoes than they do their mortgage. This is a big problem for such a large investment and simply resulting from a lack of awareness. Retail mortgage lenders and banks have invested a lot of time and money to influence consumers and others inside and outside the industry from shopping them on quality and terms. This is certainly not in the consumer’s best interests and the person facing the process of a new long-term mortgage liability. Vantage believes iron sharpens iron and for the best outcome on terms, speed, and quality….competition and independence is required. Under retail and correspondent lending, the Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) is employed and influenced by ONE lender. Under the Vantage model with multiple wholesale lender partnerships, the Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) is influenced exclusively by their CLIENT. This exposes multiple programs, rate sheets, and options. Most importantly, this independence produces competition in every sector of the residential mortgage process for the consumer.

“Our main objective is to educate consumers on how residential mortgage financing works in the United States. We do not have salespeople, we have mortgage professionals that persistently educate our clients. We embrace only math and facts rather than sales terms and strategies. We rely on indisputable data to attract those that wish to be in a better financial position with their mortgage liability. When it comes to math, combined with our reputation, our position is also indisputable. We are the only channel in the primary mortgage market that works exclusively for our clients. The more educated the consumer, the greater chance they will become a Vantage client when comparing mortgage providers.”

Obtaining a new loan for the purchase or refinance of a home is a very important financial decision. We have created a smooth, informative, and stress-free loan processing system we have found to best suit whatever lending climate we are facing. We believe that every client requires our full attention so that no details are missed and loan options are specifically customized for each borrower. Positive client reviews is our driving motivation.”

“Low overhead, effective systems, and heightened industry-related education requirements allows our clients the ability to experience more qualified representation at a lower cost.”

– Andy W. Harris, President

At VMG, we are proud as a local small business to offer the most experienced team of elite Mortgage Professionals for Oregon & Washington residents.  We consistently strive to offer consumers the best possible mortgage experience by using a transparent and systematic approach that makes lenders compete for your business.  The more educated the consumer, the greater chance they will become a Vantage client when comparing mortgage providers. Our average employee has 17 years’ experience in the mortgage industry and almost 300 years collectively.  Contact any of our Loan Consultants with questions around your home purchase or refinance needs.

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