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Beaverton Mortgage

Anthony “Tony” Bennett 

Serving Oregon clients 

16325 SW Boones Ferry Rd. #100
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Office: 503.496.0431 ext. 306
Cell: 808.292.8175

Anthony Bennett is a true Oregon native, born and raised.  He has been involved in the industry ever since he was big enough to carry his father’s tools for the family’s residential and commercial real estate business.  Early physical labor led to occasional office work and eventually he started assisting his mother with open houses for the family real estate developments. These developments were located all throughout the Portland area and surrounding suburbs.  His early years in the real estate industry led Anthony to formulate an understanding about the complexities that are behind every aspect of buying and selling a home.

After high school Anthony shifted his focus towards marketing and production while attending Portland State University.   During his studies Anthony started working in a marketing department with a local mortgage company. He began as an assistant and eventually worked his way up to become the marketing coordinator.  The marketing department was responsible for producing and distributing all advertising materials, while enhancing techniques for continued business production.  This department also oversaw recruiting and training.  During these training seminars, Anthony learned the fundamentals of loan origination and decided to shift his focus towards becoming a Mortgage Loan Consultant.

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For several years, Anthony built up his clientele and networked with other real estate professionals throughout the greater Northwest.   He also expanded his experience by working on coordinating and financing commercial real estate.  For years, Anthony worked with housing developments, strip malls, multipurpose business facilities, resorts, golf courses, apartments and condominium developments. He soon found, however, that his passion was in residential mortgage lending where he could assist individuals and families secure a new home and meet their financial goals.

In 2009 Anthony joined the team at Vantage Mortgage Group, a locally-owned mortgage provider in Oregon.   He brought with him over 20 years of experience and the motivation to build on the reputation that VMG is known for in the primary mortgage market.  Anthony has enjoyed being able to help local homeowners and potential homeowners refinance and purchase new real estate with a wide arrange of lenders to compare and the positive outcome a unique position can offer.

In his spare time Anthony enjoys being with family and loved ones.  As a native Oregonian, he also enjoys the great outdoors which includes skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking, kayaking and running.  Anthony also has an ever-growing love of cooking and exploring all the culinary delights of the Pacific Northwest and shares his experiences with an audience that follow his blogs.

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