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Mortgage jobs in Portland Oregon

Top Mortgage Employer

Voted one of the Top 20 Mortgage employers (Northwest U.S.) by National Mortgage Professional Magazine.


Vantage Mortgage Group does not actively recruit mortgage originators due to the heightened experience our unique channel and systems require.  We do take referrals from the industry understanding these requirements along with our integrity and operations.   For those licensed mortgage originators in Oregon interested in learning more or have witnessed what we are doing, we do have an open door policy on communication and interviews.  Please send inquiry to if you would like to meet with us.  At this time we do not have any openings for operational or support staff. 

“When comparing both sides of the wholesale vs. retail debate – or mortgage broker vs. bank – there is no doubt that the best way for loan officers to grow their business and take greater control over their career is through the wholesale channel.”  Read More HERE

Mortgage Loan Consultant

We have excellent opportunities for licensed Mortgage Loan Originators that share in our company beliefs and industry awareness.  The leadership at Vantage predicted the results of the 2008 collapse and countered the false information flooding the primary mortgage market by our own people and self-serving recruiters.  Today it’s clear that these predictions (started in 2009) are well and present in today’s market, making NOW the very best time in history to be an exclusive Mortgage Brokerage firm without corporate influence and persuasion. 

If you are looking for career growth and not being bound by warehouse lines, forced to place your clients with specific investors with restrictions on pricing and overlays, than you may wish to seek more information.  Exclusive wholesale lending with lenders competing on price and execution is the not only the most transparent channel where you work for your clients exclusively, but produces significant advantages for your career.

Please read our articles and company vision at  If you understand and share similar beliefs as it pertains to our industry and consumers entering the mortgage market, we’d like to talk with you!  If you’re interested in a formal interview you can send resume and cover letter to or by fax to 866-438-5975.

Vantage Mortgage Group, Inc.

NMLS # 35986

Equal Opportunity Employer

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