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Coronavirus Update

COVID-19 Notice

To Vantage Clients, Business Partners, Friends, and Family,

We understand the challenges all have been faced with recently by the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. We are taking measures suggested by the CDC to ensure our employees and partners remain healthy and protected during this challenging time for the Pacific Northwest. Both Oregon and Washington Governors have also urged and called all local citizens to remain home and work together to self-contain this out-break.

While we understand there are many economic factors impacting everyone today, please rest assure that the Vantage Mortgage Group staff is fully committed and available to all those in need. We have taken comprehensive steps to ensure the ongoing safety of our employees- especially those in essential roles for each transaction. Many of our clients are still actively looking to buy homes, invest in real estate, refinance, etc. and we’re working with other partners to limit exposure by remote signing, embracing our digital encrypted process remotely, and our staff remaining to be available as always during the hours needed.

For those actively in the loan process or home searching, please reach out to your team members or Mortgage Broker directly for any questions. Our digital process continues and will not be impacted by recent issues and we’re as committed as always to communication when questions arise. We will also provide resources and insight to past clients who may be economically concerned or impacted.

We know that this is just the beginning and plan to stay close to our communities, customers and their needs to do what we can to help all of us persevere. I encourage you to please keep in mind our friends and neighbors whose jobs may be impacted. In addition, please support our health care workers and those in critical roles and keep an eye on our neighbors who may need assistance including seniors and people with special needs. We are also working to support those challenged by this epidemic in our local communities and donating to any cause that can lift the burden people are faced with.

Thank you for your support in local small business and we support all of you during this time and may you and your loved ones stay healthy and happy.