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Is A Mortgage Broker Right For You?

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Vantage Mortgage Group is one of the only independent mortgage firms in the Pacific Northwest today (serving Oregon and Washington consumers).  Locally owned and operated in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Vantage has become a nationally recognized company from the impact made within the industry and unique consumer-focused platform.  As many can imagine, the regulatory environment has greatly changed in the mortgage and housing industry in recent years.  As a result, awareness and adaption on consumer impact must control the vision of a mortgage company  now and in the future through collecting data and facts over all else.  Vantage Mortgage Group has embraced these changes with their vision and experience and rely on their clients positive feedback and price advantage to produce more referrals.  They align their clients in the best position they see possible which is as a true mortgage broker without steering to one lender or corporate special interests.  Because of this, Vantage persistently educates consumers and colleagues on understanding the indisputable math and data around mortgage operations rather than the hard sales pressure that many consumers and others receive in the primary mortgage marketplace.