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Welcome to Vantage Mortgage Group.  If you’re a new or returning client, our team certainly looks forward to assisting you.  This is step 1 of the video tutorials you will receive throughout your loan process.  If you’re ready to formally apply, you can do so directly on our website through our BLINK Application portal.  You’ll want to complete the questions and information as thoroughly as possible and begin gathering the items listed in the document checklist that is populated after you complete the application (which you can upload directly to).  If you prefer to complete the application in person or by phone, simply schedule an appointment with your Loan Consultant.


Your loan consultant will update you on the status of your loan application within 24 business hours or less after the application is submitted.  If you’re looking for a new home to purchase, than scenarios and pricing options will be analyzed and compared, along with drafting a pre-approval letter.  If you have received an accepted offer on a property or if it is a refinance application, than terms and rates will be formalized to confirm if you wish to lock or float your interest rate.  Step 2 details will follow once the address is confirmed and loan registered.