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Congratulations!  Your loan is now cleared to close.  Your Loan Consultant will be in touch shortly to discuss the closing disclosure and final details and instructions.  Loan documents will be released to the escrow officer soon to arrange and schedule signing appointment.  If funds are due at closing, than this amount will be confirmed with you in order to prepare cashier’s check or wire transfer.

After signing, loan papers will be delivered back to the closing department.  Funding your new loan after signing can be same day or up to 48 hours, depending on how loan documents were sent back to closing from title as well as if we table fund with your particular investor.  Your Loan Consultant will confirm this with you.  If you are refinancing a mortgage, than a 3 business day waiting period will apply before funding.  Once your loan is funded, wire will be sent to escrow to record the new Deed of Trust and officially close.

Again, congratulations and don’t hesitate to contact your Loan Consultant with any questions.