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Lower Your Mortgage Payment

Vantage Vs. Everyone – May 2021

Vantage vs. Everybody- MAY 2021 data now available!

** This is a tough housing market for buyers. Contractual terms on offers are vital so don’t limit your options and work with a fiduciary.

In addition to offering lower-than-average rates and faster closings based on the data, we are proud to have provided our clients with over $100,000 in optional rate lender credits toward their 3rd party closing costs this month alone (and over $900k YTD). That’s some serious home buying/refinancing power.

While it’s great having one of the best and most experienced teams in the country (right here in the great Pacific NW)… we also LOVE numbers. Mortgage providers are not created equal and always compare reputation and terms if you’re a consumer or any real estate professional suggesting a local provider.

We don’t have salespeople and we don’t steer one lender. We have educators (with 17 years of average industry experience) independently working for our clients and embracing lender competition. We only support facts and math over special interests.

If you or anyone you know is considering a mortgage, please contact our local experts and experience what everyone else has been raving about! VMG NMLS#35986 #Oregon #Washington #VantageMortgageGroup #RealEstate #Competition